WCT Nova Scotia Mentorship Program

Applications are currently closed.
Please stay tuned for information on the upcoming mentorship programs!

Calling all mentors in ICT!

Are you are a seasoned professional of any gender, wishing to give back by offering your experience to women following in your footsteps? Why not volunteer your expertise and help someone navigate your profession?

Applications are currently closed. Please stay tuned for information on the upcoming WCT Nova Scotia Mentorship Program.

Looking for support as you grow in your career in ICT?

If you are a woman in Nova Scotia’s growing communications and technology industries or you are transitioning into these growing sectors and a member of WCT Nova Scotia, you can become part of an established network for guidance. You can be matched with someone who has experience travelling your path. 

Applications are currently closed. Please stay tuned for information on the upcoming WCT Nova Scotia Mentorship Program.


WCT Nova Scotia Mentorship Program

Applications for the WCT Nova Scotia Mentorship Program are currently closed. For more information on the next mentorship program intake, please contact the WCT Mentorship Team at WCTNS@wct-fct.com.

Total hiring in Canada’s ICT sector is expected to be 182,000* this year. Women are a huge untapped pool of workers, representing 25% * of employed ICT professionals.  WCT Nova Scotia believes mentorship is pivotal in increasing female representation in ICT industries.  

How it works

The program is open to current members of WCT Nova Scotia to participate as a mentee; we welcome mentors that are members and non-members.

The program is individually tailored, meaning the criteria used in assigning a mentor will be based only on information provided. Each participating mentee/mentor will determine his/her own specific goals; however, the overarching goals of the mentorship are to help mentees:

  • Discover career paths (explore personal preferences and career options)
  • Develop a plan/ strategy towards future career goals
  • Create networking strategies
  • Gain practical workplace insights from mentors
  • Learn methods for how to gain work experience or look for career opportunities
  • Access a support system during critical stages of your professional development
  • Learn from diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Gain access to powerful resources (people, websites, tools, etc.) within your profession
  • Identify strengths, skill gaps, and/or areas of improvement
  • Build the foundation for a lasting professional network

Commitment & Timeline

  • Mentor participation is a voluntary term. Mentee participation is free of charge to WCT members residing in Nova Scotia.  
  • Mentors are asked to meet with their appointed mentee at least 4 times over the course of a 6-month period.
  • Total time commitment is a minimum of 4 hours. The maximum is up to you.
  • We anticipate mentorships terms will start in Fall 2019 but may vary depending the schedules of mentees/mentors.


  • If you’re interested in participating, sign up here; it only takes 2 minutes! 
  • The information provided will be used to match you with a mentee. 
  • You’ll be notified once you’ve been matched and at that point it is the mentee’s responsibility to reach out to the mentor.

Registration is limited, so register early.