Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Troubleshooting Questions and Answers

Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked technical questions of users, as it relates to: (1) creating an account and joining a program (2) editing your account information (3) managing your program and (4) contacting your mentor/mentee  

What happens if my question isn’t answered?

If you have further questions after reviewing the below and/or you’ve tried the below steps and are receiving an error code or message, please contact and an En Point Mentorship representative will respond within 24 hours.

If you have a question related to your program, but not to the technical use of your mentorship/program platform, please contact your Program Manager. 

Section 1: Creating an Account and Joining a Program

1. How do I create an account?

Step 1. Click ‘Log in’ button in the top right corner of the Mentorship websites homepage
Step 2. Click “I want to create an account” and fill out the form with the required information 

Step 3. Once your form is filled out, click “Create an Account” to register as a user (mentor or mentee) in the system 


2. How do I join a program once my account is created?

Step 1. Sign- in to your account

Step 2. Go to “Programs” tab at the top right of the website page once you are logged in as a user 

Step 3. Once you click on your desired “Program”, you will be redirected to a list of questions to fill out. Once completed, you will be entered into the program 

Section 2: Editing your Account Information

1. What if I forget my password?

Step 1. Click ‘Log in’ at the top right corner of your mentorship homepage:

WCT Mentorship Site Link:

Step 2. Underneath Password, click “Request new password” and fill out the required information to set a new password


2. What if I forget my username?

Step 1. Check your confirmation email in the email account your Mentorship program is associated with, this would have been sent to you in the account creation process. The email outlines the chosen username. 


3. What happens if I want to change my password?

Step 1. Sign- in to your account

Step 2. Select “Edit” tab on your user account page 

Step 3. Fill out the information

Section 3: Managing your Program

1. How do I update my progress as a mentee?

To update your progress, there are two viable options.

Option 1.

Step 1. Sign into your email account that is registered with your mentorship program account.

Step 2. Click on the “I have completed this” link in the appropriate ‘upcoming or overdue task’ emails you would have received from the system.  These emails are sent to communicate when a task is “upcoming”, meaning when a task has been issued from your program manager. They are also sent when a task is “overdue”, meaning the due date has passed.  Once you have clicked the “I have completed this” in the email, the system will automatically update your pogress. 

Option 2.

Step 1. Sign- in to your account

Step 2. Click on your program  

Step 3. Scroll down to the task you would like to update your progress on, and click the I have completed this task when you have completed the task 


2. How do I track my progress?

Step 1. Sign- in to your account

Step 2. Follow the steps above in the “How do I update my progress as a mentee?” section


3. How do I access program documents?

Step 1. Sign- in to your account

Step 2. Click the program that you want to locate the documents for, clicking will select the program

Step 3. Select “Documents” tab on your user account page and your program documents will appear 

Section 4: Contacting your Mentor/Mentee

1. How can I view mentor/mentee's contact information?

Step 1. Sign- in to your account

Step 2. Click program from the top right menu tab 

Step 3. Select/ click view for appropriate program (if only in one program, not needed) then you should see ‘contact information’ under the ‘view’ tab. 


If you would benefit from having a visual walk-through, including screenshots, of these frequently asked questions and answers, please refer to the 'Program Documents' section in your user account. If you are unsure of where to locate this section, please refer to Section 3, #3 of this document.